“Paradise” residential complex, Berlin-Dahlem

Architecture for spacious living

An exclusive residential area has been established on the former site of a US army housing complex, in Germany’s capital city Berlin. The name ‘Paradise’ highlights the sophisticated amenities. Taking the topographical conditions into account, exclusive houses and apartments were built among the lush tree population of the 18,000 square metre plot.

The architecture is characterised by spacious living areas that are modern and functional without feeling too cool. Underground parking spaces and lifts provide for barrier-free access to the apartments and penthouses.

When planning the complex, special attention was given to creating generous private and public outdoor areas. Balconies are a smart way to combine inside and outside space in modern living arrangements. They underline the importance of extended living space. This perceived extension of the home to the outside is promoted further by BEGA wall luminaires on the apartments’ balconies. Their warm light provides the balcony with a feel good atmosphere. The robust luminaires that are shielded on one side, are characterised by the extraordinary material strength of their crystal glass.

Pole-top luminaires are used along the streets within the residential area. Their brilliant light is ideal for illuminating the pathways that are framed by plenty of greenery, and for increasing a necessary feeling of safety. These BEGA luminaires are available in different designs and with different types of light distribution: with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution for illuminating streets and paths, or with symmetrical light distribution, which is particularly suited for illuminating squares.

The luminaires chosen for the footpaths within the ‘Paradise’ complex are coordinated with the street luminaires. Unshielded BEGA bollards with rotationally symmetrical light distribution are used to add structure to the pedestrian areas. A white impact-resistant synthetic cylinder ensures uniform distribution of the light. This has an orienting, guiding and demarcating function.

Client conwert Epitaurus Invest GmbH Architecture Haus.architekten Partnerschaft Berlin