Private house A, Unna

Coordinated lighting for house and garden

A wide range of optical features lend this villa in Unna an unmistakable character. The impressive gate to the property opens up onto a generous forecourt, where to one side a garage and carport in the eye-catching red of an Eternit façade can be found. This outbuilding extends into an open pavilion in the garden, providing shade in the summer and making it possible to enjoy the outdoor space even when it rains.

The residential house, which together with the outbuilding covers an area of 500 square meters, impresses with its characteristic porches and opulent roof overhangs. The built-in BEGA LED compact downlights accentuate the whole building and emphasise the architectural beauty of the villa. These downlights with symmetrical narrow beam light distribution also illuminate the pavilion and the weather-protected access route from the pavilion to the house.

Highly transparent wall luminaires made of cast aluminium and a high proportion of glass are arranged individually or in rows of three at the property entrance and around the front door, the house and the garage. The light from the luminaires creates a pleasant atmosphere and accentuates the house, forecourt, garage area and terrace. In addition to the sensory experience provided by the architecture and the lighting effects, DALI-controllable lighting around the house and in the garden also increases security on the property and beyond. As do the adjustable in-ground luminaires, which illuminate the pillars of the house and the plants in the garden and at the property boundary.

LED wall luminaires with one-sided light emission at the door to the service building with shower and sauna complete the single-source lighting for the villa and garden.

Lighting design and electrical installation Elektro Stier, Fröndenberg