City of Culture, Santiago de Compostela

The deconstructivist main body of the design produced by Eisenman Architects, New York, follows the direction of movement of the rolling hills on the Monte Gaiás heights outside Santiago de Compostela. Light quartz has been used as the dominant construction material, which visually integrates the building into the barren landscape.

On the way to the main entrance, the visitor is guided by a multitude of BEGA bollards to the amorphous group of buildings, which consists of six areas. The agreeable location lighting gives the expansive forecourt an impressive visual structure.

Five expansive pedestrian zones are distributed among the city of culture, which are illuminated with BEGA in-ground luminaires after sunset. The curved facade edges facing the rooftop are also modelled and inspirationally presented.

The architectural design uses the symbol of the pilgrims: the scallop. Concave and convex building sections alternately rise and fall, giving the building its stability. The flush in-ground luminaires enhance the structure of the facade.

The principle of arrangement of the structural design is dominated by horizontal and vertical lines, and clearly elaborated by facades made from glass and quartzite. The BEGA in-floor luminaires enhance the vertical structure and present the facade projections.

The total area of the city of culture will be the size of the old city of Santiago when construction is complete, and will eventually become an international platform for Galician art. The BEGA exterior lighting enhances the overall impression of the group of buildings, and blends harmoniously into the materiality of the architecture.

Client Xunta de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela

Client Xunta de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela

General contractor Acciona, Madrid

Architecture Peter Eisenman, Eisenman Architects, New York

Lighting design Lledo Iluminación, Madrid

Electrical planning / Electrical installation Acciona, Madrid

Landscape architecture Peter Eisenman, Eisenman Architects, New York