Collection BOOM

The BOOM collection is a selection of luminaires handcrafted from copper, cast bronze, brass, cast aluminium and hand-blown glass using traditional methods.Stylish luminaires which impress not only by their high-quality materials and workmanship but also by their modern lighting technology. As a carefully coordinated building detail, they help to round off sophisticated buildings and historical architecture.


Ceiling and wall luminaires · The Collection BOOM

Pendant luminaires · The Collection BOOM

Pillar luminaires · The Collection BOOM

Garden luminaires · The Collection BOOM

Pole-top luminaires · The Collection BOOM

Luminaire poles · The Collection BOOM

  • <p>Group 41</p>

    Group 41

  • <p>Group 44</p>

    Group 44

  • <p>Group 47</p>

    Group 47

  • <p>Group 48</p>

    Group 48

  • <p>Group 49</p>

    Group 49

  • <p>Group 40</p>

    Group 40

Accessories · The Collection BOOM

  • <p>Installation housings for recessed wall luminaires</p>

    Installation housings for recessed wall luminaires

  • <p>for bollards or luminaire poles</p>

    for bollards or luminaire poles

  • <p>Anchorage units for bollards + luminaire poles</p>

    Anchorage units for bollards + luminaire poles