Belysning av boligkomplekser

Façade lighting

Skilfully emphasise architectural details for a long-distance effect

Showcasing the attractiveness of a residential complex during night-time hours ensures that the architecture has a prominent long-distance effect and integrates it into the cityscape. The targeted use of illumination on façades and pathways exploits the unique accentuating power of intelligent lighting design.

Strengthen well-being

Ideally, light should set the stage without unwanted side effects like glare or excessive brightness. The local lighting conditions and ambient light should shape the design and subsequent control of the illumination. All planning should centre around making people feel safe. Dark and confusing areas cause discomfort. They counteract the feeling of well-being that emanates from a cleverly planned residential complex with its clearly defined functional areas.

Complement general illumination

The design accents of a lighting designed defined at an early stage can be implemented with a variety of luminaire types. They will help complement the general illumination. Special architectural features are highlighted. The materials and structure of the buildings as well as the reflectivity of formative details of the complex are ideal aids for the lighting concept.

Draw attention

Shielded, directed light catches the eye and highlights the beauty of façades in the dark. Grazing light features underline the texture and materials, while creating glare-free and eye-catching details.

Present architecture in a new light

Illumination emanating from the ground up adds expression to the ideas of architects, installers and lighting designers. Illuminating the façade from ground level using focused light distribution also allows for areas of darkness on the area in question. The interplay of light and dark significantly enhances the beauty of the building and how it is perceived by the viewer.

Fully illuminating the walls without distracting light cones explicitly highlights the texture and colour of the façade. The light effect doubles as orientation lighting as well.