Belysning av boligkomplekser

Light for the balcony

Rounding off the illumination of a residential complex

Residents use their balcony lighting according to their own needs. There are no limits in terms of individuality. The selection of a suitable luminaire for all balconies or patios is, however, for the most part a centrally organised task for the lighting designer. This preserves the uniform overall appearance of the building. For solutions like these in particular, where large quantities of luminaires are required, BEGA offers a variety of high-quality and economical luminaires for the ceiling or wall.

Extension of the living space

This achieves a consistent lighting design for all residential units, taking into account all planning issues. Conversely, the extension of the living space into the outdoor area connects the light on the balcony and its use with the illumination of the interior.

Possible uses for balcony luminaires

In the case of balcony lighting, the spectrum of use ranges from subtle background lighting to full brightness for activities like reading. Integrating the light on the balcony into a convenient light control system is an individual decision for the occupant.

Whether dimmed or not, and regardless of the intensity, the highly individual light effect is not perceived as a foreign body, even from a distance, but rather blends harmoniously into the appearance of the residential complex due to the uniformity of the luminaires.

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