Pedestrian bridge

There are many options for illuminating pedestrian bridges. Two completely different approaches are shown here. The bridge measures 20 x 2.4 m. The illumination standard DIN EN 13 201 for pedestrian walkways and cycle paths applies here. The average degree of illuminance required is 5 lx, and the minimum value is 1 lx. Pedestrians and cyclists should feel safe and therefore comfortable on the bridge. In addition, four compact floodlights emphasise the structural features of the bridge, thus increasing the striking effect they make from a distance.

Lighting calculations Summary DIALux project

For general illumination, two pole-top luminaires with 4 m mounting height would be enough. Their light is directed onto the path as a flat beam. The path is also illuminated with wall luminaires spaced 2.5 m apart. From a height of 1.2m, their light is directed onto the ground to accompany the passers-by. The light also falls onto the struts of the railing, achieving an inviting light effect. It goes without saying that these luminaires are switched using presence detectors.

Example 2, however, works purely functionally. Two unshielded pole-top luminaires direct soft light onto the path, providing a gentle lighting impression. In both cases, the standard for pedestrian and cycle paths is complied with.