BEGA Ultradark Optics®

For optimal eye comfort

BEGA Ultradark Optics® structure

1 Optical lenses

Special, proprietary optical lenses capture and direct the light generated by the LED modules. Unlike other lenses commonly available on the market, the elevated structure of these lenses ensures excellent glare suppression. The optical lenses fit the louvres and the luminaire body exactly.

2 Louvres

Internal louvres optimise the glare suppression of the optical lenses for the best possible results,

3 Nano coating

The ultra black nano coating, featuring exceptional absorption capabilities, rounds off the function of the louvres.

4 Luminaire body

The elevated structure of the luminaire body, combined with the ultra black nano coating, ensures minimised stray light. Rays of light that could create unwanted stray light are absorbed for a fully targeted illumination of the defined areas.

Homogenising diffuser lenses prevent unwanted effects like light separation zones.

Left: Conventional black coating, right: Ultra black nano coating.

Luminaires with BEGA Ultradark Optics®