Château d’Aigle, Lake Geneva

‘Eagles castle’ in the Alps

Château d’Aigle lies to the south-east of the Lake Geneva in the middle of numerous vineyards. A fantastic alpine panorama lies in the background. The castle is the landmark of the town Aigle and houses the collections of the Waadtländer grape and wine museum. The region around the ‘eagles castle’ is known for wines with strong mineral aromas that are produced under the name “Aigle AOC”. In 2009, Château d’Aigle was fitted out with a new lighting system which led to a 75 percent reduction in energy consumption. The modern lighting system based on various BEGA light sources places the architecture of the ‘eagles castle’ at the focus of attention and helps the old walls to stand out as a landmark in the alpine landscape.

The rectangular complex has a circular wall with three corner towers. BEGA LED in-ground luminaires are evenly arranged to accentuate the roundness of the towers and the old walls of the château. In-ground luminaires in the atrium illuminate the south wall which dates from the 12th century. They also spotlight the full height of the square tower on the south and north side.

Opposite the Château d’Aigle is the “„Maison de la Dîme”. This modernised barn is now used as exhibition rooms inviting the public to view the works of the Swiss artist Frédéric Rouge. BEGA compact floodlights are used to illuminate the renovated barn from the outside. With their LED modules and narrow beam light distribution, these luminaires illuminate the outer façade with a warm glow. They accentuate the old beams of the roof structure, creating an inviting light mood that blends effectively with the surrounding alleyways of the château.

Client Commune d’Aigle

Photographer Alexander Gempeler, Bern