City centre, Tauberbischofsheim

Fit for a long future

For more than two decades, BEGA pole-top luminaires have defined the unmistakable appearance of the centre of Tauberbischofsheim. During a recent redesign of the town centre, the luminaires were upgraded with the latest LED technology for the decades to come.

BEGA luminaires convince with their impressive quality and durability. Their service life is considerably longer than the industry standards. When redesigning the pedestrian zone and town hall square, the small town of Tauberbischofsheim benefited from the fact that the sophisticated and timeless design and extraordinary durability of the luminaires means that they still appear “brand new” even after decades of use.

The “Rome” wall luminaires and pole-top luminaires from The Collection BOOM contribute to the unmistakable look of Tauberbischofsheim town centre. The city wanted to at least retain the form of the stylish BEGA luminaires in the new design. But in the next stage of project assessment, it quickly became clear: comprehensive new purchases were not necessary. Although the luminaires had been in service in the town for well over 20 years, their structure and paintwork had been so well preserved that it made sense to continue using them. Professional cleaning was the only investment required.

The only technical modification to these traditionally crafted luminaires was to modernise the lamps by installing LED modules, greatly reducing energy costs and ensuring more efficient illumination. Custom-made luminaire glass, made of high-quality transparent synthetic material, was also added to the luminaires.

Soft and even light distribution thanks to LED conversion kits

How can urban lighting, previously outfitted with mercury vapour lamps, be converted to the latest LED technology? The team of lighting designers at Studio DL formulated clear requirements for the project in Tauberbischofsheim: The upgraded luminaires should not produce excessive glare or merely spotlight the façade, but provide pleasant and convenient illumination of the public space as well as the façades and installation surfaces.

BEGA supplied more than 100 conversion kits to upgrade the BOOM luminaires with LED technology. The light from the LED modules is distributed softly and uniformly by an opal glass sphere. The lighting designers also formulated specifications regarding luminous flux, light distribution and the positioning of the light sources to minimise glare. Where needed, the luminaire glass was satin-finished to provide soft lighting for the installation surfaces. As a result, the town has preserved the treasured, characteristic illumination of its existing luminaires while bringing them in line with the latest technology and significantly improving the economic conditions.

The BEGA luminaires illuminate squares, streets and façades and also serve as entrance lighting. They not only ensure efficient and significantly more cost-effective illumination of traffic areas, but also fit in with the overriding aim of enhancing the potential of the night-time urban image and guaranteeing an even better lighting atmosphere. After the redesign, the striking buildings of Tauberbischofsheim will be illuminated and integrated into the lighting concept of the city along with its trees and fountains.

Client City of Tauberbischofsheim (Germany) Landscape architect Adler und Olesch, Nuremberg City Lighting Netze BW GmbH, Stuttgart Lighting design Studio DL, Hildesheim

Custom made pendant luminaire