Hotel Franz, Essen

A four-star hotel in Essen

The architecture of the four-star hotel designed by Nattler Architects reflects both contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Generously dimensioned glazed expanses combined with tricolour Trespa façades highlight the attractive exterior of the hotel.

A large-area photovoltaics system on the roof ensures complete power independence and 100% green energy. The fully air-conditioned rooms leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort. Energy-efficient LED lighting by BEGA adds to the welcoming ambiance: The outdoor areas of the hotel are well lit by bollards and pole-top luminaires.

The architecture’s welcoming attitude is mirrored in the innovative hospitality concept of the hotel. The various areas of the hotel offer plenty of options for guests with or without physical disabilities. All routes and many of the rooms were optimised specifically for guests with limited mobility as well as for people with impaired vision or hearing. Light signals, automated voice messages, barrier-free spaces, and the hotel’s friendly and helpful staff will ensure a relaxing and stress-free stay.

A spacious lobby in front of the function room ensures a relaxed ambiance for people to congregate. LED lighting with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution illuminates the ground, and therefore the pathways around the building.

The function room is designed for up to 400 participants. The hotel additionally offers 7 conference rooms and 48 guest rooms. The high popularity of the hotel is due to the excellent service offered and its warm and welcoming ambiance, all made possible by the extraordinary diversity of its staff. Around half of the 48 employees have some form of disability, and are assigned roles in the day-to-day running of the hotel according to their capabilities.

The atrium, which is framed by the generously dimensioned hotel lobby on one side, and the restaurant area on the other, will have groups and individuals wanting to stay a while and relax in beautiful surroundings. Mood lighting for any occasion can be achieved with the dimmable LED pole-top luminaires.

Client Franz Sales Haus, Essen

Architecture Nattler Architekten, Essen

Lighting design SSP SchürmannSpannel AG, Bochum

Electrical engineering SSP SchürmannSpannel AG, Bochum

Photo Michael Rasche, Dortmund