BEGA Plug & Play

The smart lighting system for the private garden


Which smartphones are supported?
What are the basic requirements for using BEGA Plug & Play at home?
Over what distance can I control the lighting and other devices in the garden?

BEGA Smart app

What is the BEGA Smart app used for?
What is the range of the app for setup/control?
What is the difference between groups and scenarios?
What is a QR or DataMatrix code? What is it used for?
Can I set up/control multiple systems using the app?
Does the app automatically detect when I change my system?

Remote controls

How do I integrate BEGA remote controls into the system?
How do I configure the remote controls?
How do I mount the wall bracket for the remote controls?
What are the individual buttons on the remote control used for?
What is the range of the remote controls?
How do I transfer configuration changes to the PRO remote control?
What exactly are the differences between the ONE remote control and the PRO remote control?


Is BEGA Plug & Play compatible with the previous version from 2016?
Can I extend my system to any size?
Which Zigbee lamps are supported?
Can I also add devices that are not officially supported?
Can BEGA Smart update the software of my Zigbee lamps?


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