BEGA Smart

Dla domu, w którym wszystko jest proste

Controlling, operating, switching

Creating Scenarios

Use the smart function ‘Scenarios’ for an intelligent staging of the BEGA Smart System. Within that function, scenarios can be named individually. You can configure any number of BEGA Smart devices in a scenario.

Creating Groups

Use the ‘Groups’ function to switch or control multiple BEGA Smart devices as a group. You can add any number of BEGA Smart devices to a group. Each BEGA Smart device can only be a member of one group at a time.

Creating Events

Use the ‘Events’ function to create an automatic staging of your BEGA Smart illumination. You can activate and deactivate luminaires in particular states at specific times. Events can be completely time-dependent, i.e. a lighting scenario can be activated at 9:00 pm. You can also create events that will happen depending on sunrise or sunset. Example: Activation of illumination at sunset. (An offset of +/- 120mins. can be configured).