Statoil Business Centre, Stavanger

Statoil Business Centre

Statoil, the energy company, has its head offices in the Norwegian port of Stavanger. This is also home to the company’s new Business Centre, which accommodates a restaurant, several conference rooms, an auditorium and even a cinema. The elegant pendant luminaires underscore the stylish restaurant ambience.

The restaurant’s sophisticated interior owes its relaxed, graceful aura to an interior design with unobtrusive colours. Black wall coverings look noble, unpretentious chairs with black steel tubes bring peace into the space, and a light-coloured wooden floor creates a friendly atmosphere. As a matching touch, the pendant luminaires come with a black special lacquered finish. They blend in discretely with the engineering concept and feature dimmable LED technology to emit warm white light directly onto the table tops.

Founded in 1972, Statoil is Norway’s biggest employer. A third of Norway’s state funds comes from the oil and gas production industry. Accordingly, falling energy prices are not a positive development for the Norwegian people. The receipts flow directly into a fund which has been set up to make the country independent of oil.

Statoil is a globally active corporation with an expanding number of international oil and gas production sites. This helps to keep the company competitive and reduce its dependence on deposits in Norway.

At Statoil, responsibility for safety is great and plays a central role. To minimise the risks within the corporation’s field of activity, accidents at other companies are exactly analysed and strategies developed to prevent errors.

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