The Porter Building, Slough

One of the most health-oriented office buildings in England

Countless studies have shown that the well-being of employees in their workplace is very important: a positive ambiance in the work environment impacts significantly on productivity. The Porter Building is located in Slough, Greater London, and was designed and built to specifically benefit the people working in the complex – physically as well as mentally.

The Porter Building maximises the well-being of workers with plenty of natural light, fresh air, filtered drinking water, indoor plants, noise reduction measures and interior office layouts that promote movement in the workplace. None of the workplaces is more than nine metres away from a window.

The lighting systems – including some BEGA solutions – comply with best practice standards for glare suppression and ensure excellent visual comfort. All these efforts are done in support of the planner's unique approach: optimised illumination alone can improve work performance by up to 18 percent.

The complex in Slough is Britain's first office structure to receive a certification by the International WELL Building Institute as one of the healthiest office buildings in the country.

WELL is recognised as an important benchmark for ecological architecture and for planners who focus on building features that improve the health and well-being of workers at these facilities.

The performance-based system for the measurement, certification and monitoring of building features is based on empirical scientific studies and their analyses, which document the impact of health and well-being on facility users. The standard is the result of many years of scientific, medical and architectural research in the US and is increasingly recognised in Europe as well.

The lobby and seating areas in the entrance of the six storey Porter Building with a total of 10,000 square metres of office space is equipped with BEGA pendant luminaires from the STUDIO LINE series. Their highly effective glare suppression complies with the standard set for the complex. Their velvet black metal shields and metallic interior colour create a sophisticated lighting ambiance that reflects the feel-good atmosphere of the entire complex as you enter the lobby.

Shielded to the outside, the light of these pendant luminaires is directed downwards inside the luminaire housing to ensure excellent visual comfort. The colour temperature of the light (3000 or 4000 Kelvin) is inviting and underlines the representative value of these stylish luminaires.

The rooms with high ceilings and generous window fronts ensure a maximum of natural daylight and offer a perfect backdrop for the elegant luminaires, which are visual highlights for arriving workers and visitors. They also fulfil the requirement for using only a select range of materials. Feeling good – the lighting concept at the Porter Building is an essential part of that maxim.

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