Villa M, Berlin

Modern villa with powerful aesthetics – Villa M in Berlin

A mighty monolith overlooks the western edge of the city of Berlin. A strangely shaped block that seems oddly out of place – a sight to be expected as part of a mighty glacier landscape, not looking down at a metropolitan cityscape. First impressions aside, the modern single family home with a design language that stands for a completely new generation of urban villas, combines aesthetics and living comfort in its unique architecture and is perfectly staged by BEGA luminaires.

The trapezoid, sculptural shape of Villa M sets it apart from its neighbourhood. It symbolises expressive design power and stability, which at the same time is perfectly in tune with nature. BEGA luminaires have an important role to play: they accentuate the architectural details of the villa, but should remain stylishly demure in the background. The drive-over 77069 LED on-ground luminaires along the driveway and by the garage door are understated but very effective for orientation. They are supported by the foot traffic-resistant 84084 LED in-ground luminaires, which further underline the aesthetics of the villa with their symmetrical light distribution and create breathtaking lighting at night. The shielded 33051 LED recessed luminaires along the walls point the way and effortlessly blend with the building structure. The shielded 77237 LED bollards with their flat beam, downward directed light create stylish, vertical light accents in the patio area and open up vistas of the lavishly landscaped garden.

Villa M has stripped away all the classic rules of a villa and transports them into a digital architectural synthesis. Underlined by the minimalist use of BEGA luminaires, the result is a seemingly tectonic dissolution of a private home to create a sculptural, architectural work of art.

Architecture GRAFT Architekten GmbH, Berlin Landscape Architects Kretschmer Tauscher Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin