Villa M, Darmstadt

Villa M in Darmstadt – A minimalistic interplay with the surroundings

Villa M, which has received multiple architectural prizes and is highlighted with BEGA luminaires, epitomises the concept of "less is more". The clear lines and focus on just a few consciously selected materials embody the visual contrast between the structure and its natural surroundings.

Horizontal and vertical lines. Concrete, wood and anodised metal. Nothing else is needed to highlight the minimalist-sculptural style of the villa. It features an innate duality, offering residents the chance to see without being seen. The ceiling-high window façade on the first and second floor create panoramic views of the park-like garden. Three BEGA garden floodlights placed on earth spikes in gravel beds accentuate the decorative, full-height shrubs. The LED floodlights come as connection-ready units for flexible positioning and their burning position can be adjusted easily without any need for tools. This allows a wide range of lighting scenarios to be created. Additional compact BEGA garden floodlights with warm white 3000 K colour temperature illuminate the row of trees along the poolside patio.

But where the villa is open on the one side, it is fully protected on the other. The vertical metal elements on the façade provide protection against unwanted glances from the street. The entrance area features a playful natural arrangement: robust, on-ground BEGA luminaires of cast aluminium, slightly hidden from view on the edge of small islands of vegetation, emit their glare-free light into the nearby surroundings.

The luxurious family home in the eastern district of Darmstadt was constructed in 2018 after less than one-and-a-half years of work. It received the prestigious ICONIC AWARD for innovative architecture in 2019 and the German Design Award in the category for "Excellent Architecture" in 2020.

Architects FFM-ARCHITEKTEN. Tovar + Tovar PartGmbB, Frankfurt/Main