Oświetlanie za pomocą reflektorów

Accents in sculptural illumination

Here, the illumination uses targeted light distribution to draw the attention of the viewer

Oświetlenie akcentujące to scena dla wyjątkowych obiektów. Instalatorzy i projektanci oświetlenia mogą poradzić sobie z zadaniem szybkiego tworzenia akcentów w ogólnie oświetlonym otoczeniu za pomocą celowego wykorzystania rozsyłu światła.

Very narrow beam light directs attention to sculptures, works of art, or special architectural features. Focused illumination creates the perception of more intense brightness on the staged object than the general illumination in its immediate vicinity.

The positioning of the light points promotes appreciation of the details highlighted in sculptural illumination. Grazing light in an acute angle from below impressively sets the scene for material and structures with changes in light and shadow. Light from a slightly greater distance lets the viewer experience the illuminated object in its entirety without glare from the luminaires. Wide-area illumination from multiple sides emphasises the size of an object while combining the clarity and serenity of an illumination without light cones and edges.

The versatility of the extensive BEGA floodlight portfolio facilitates efficient lighting design for sophisticated staging – in line with the requirements of the project and all options for light point placements.

In this case, the optical system of wide-beam luminaires was customised for sculpture illumination

Wide-area lighting from multiple sides accentuates the majesty of the Martin Luther King Memorial, Jr. National Memorial in Washington D. C.

A cross beam on the pole of the pole-top luminaire allows for the simple installation of floodlights.

The light grazes the shape of this winding sculpture from below for its perfect staging.