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Illumination of residential complexes

Enjoy life

The comfort of a residential complex is therefore not only measured by how well the living space is designed, but by how much it enhances general well-being. The quality of the illumination, including the accompanying and accentuating light, rounds off the fundamental experience of returning home, living, enjoying and relaxing.

The illumination is not in the foreground and yet has a lasting influence on the overall impression and structure of a residential complex. It helps to create a positive mood.

Sustainable lighting design

Lighting design with BEGA luminaires means: sustainable design of a residential complex, safety and reliability of all products used. Selecting luminaires from a single source enables consistent design features to be used throughout, both outdoors and indoors.

As BEGA luminaires are DALI controllable, they can be integrated into both conventional circuits and smart control systems.

New build or renovation

In new building projects, early planning of the lighting system is the key to a design that uses light to showcase the building, to provide security and as a pleasant accompanying element to a consistently pleasant living experience.

Even when refurbishing an existing building or modernising, BEGA products blend in as unobtrusive yet highly efficient companions to the architecture and the resulting lighting requirements.

Light along paths and passages
Entrance light
Light in the staircase
Light for the balcony
Outdoor facilities, parks and gardens
Façade lighting
Light for the car park and underground car park