Refurbishment and modernisation

Long-term solutions for the green revolution in construction

Rethinking, resource conservation and efficiency are in demand. The term “green revolution in construction” encompasses all approaches for eco-friendly and climate-friendly concept implementations of future construction projects. This includes new buildings, refurbished and modernised buildings, as well as the subsequent use of the buildings sustainably to save as much energy as possible.

The fact that permanent structures are responsible for a considerable percentage of CO₂ emissions underlines the need to ensure the success of the green revolution. Our high-quality products and systems for durable, reliable, and efficient architectural lighting allow us to contribute to its successful implementation long term.

Once a factory building, now the Mies van der Rohe Business Park in Krefeld.
Valuing existing building materials

In this context, we understand sustainability as this: We will be by your side throughout the planning phase, during implementation, and for the maintenance of the systems for decades to come.

The imperative to value existing building materials is 100 percent in line with our philosophy of not producing disposable products. Our projects are based on your wishes. Our solutions can be customised to align with your objectives, making them the right choice for current and future changes in the construction sector.

A former orangery in Dillenburg was repurposed as event rooms.
Reliability for decades to come

This is a clear advantage of preserving and upgrading existing buildings. BEGA products are a constant in any refurbishment and modernisation planning of this kind. As you would expect, they can remain in use and do not have to be replaced.

BEGA solutions provides sustainable support for the pursuit of the goal of building with zero emissions and providing spaces for more people using less material. Opting for reliable forms of luminaires that have proven their durability and reliability pays off with every modernisation project. The products are also exceptionally durable. A targeted and effortless update of the energy technology, as well as a refresh of other components as needed, are steps we take towards a long-term future. Our offering in that context is the Continued Life Programme.

The practice of refurbishing and recycling components in line with the circular economy can therefore be postponed for decades to come.

Climate-friendly alternatives

BEGA luminaires are modern, but not fashionable. They will remain a solid and reliable choice for decades to come. Continuing operations while upgrading to the relevant current technical standard is a more cost-effective, sustainable, and climate-friendly alternative to complete replacement.

Over time, new generations will take on the responsibility for the use and operation of buildings – BEGA solutions, however, will remain in place to be inherited.