Underground car park

Here too, the focus is on the safety of the road users. The transition into the underground car park must be illuminated in accordance with the time of day in order to prevent extreme changes between light and dark. This means that this area must be illuminated with 300 lx during the day and 75 lx at night. The ramp leading into the underground car park is illuminated with recessed wall luminaires. Their asymmetrical flat beam light distribution ensures uniform illumination of the road surface.

A degree of illuminance of 15 lx is reached here. The light is absolutely glare-free.

Lighting calculations Summary DIALux project

During the day, the transition from the underground car park to the uncovered entrance must be illuminated with 300 lx. In this way, the human eye can adapt to the enormous difference in illumination levels. This principle works from light into dark and vice versa. Glare caused by sudden brightness and poor sight during the rapid switch into darkness is avoided.

At night, the illumination in the underground car park is higher than in the outdoor area. A degree of illuminance of 75 lx is required for the transition between the bright indoor area and the dark outdoor area.