Our optical systems

of the highest lighting quality

The longevity of BEGA products, the highest possible quality and a sense of responsibility are just some of our core values. We develop our optical systems according to these values.

The consistent use of premium-quality components is just as much a part of our philosophy of sustainability as the 20-year availability guarantee for LED modules.

Maximising the efficiency of light deflection is another important factor in some lighting requirements. We have optimised the light deflection in our luminaires through the perfect interaction between our LED modules with precisely calculated and refined reflectors and optical lenses made of ultra-clear silicone.

BEGA Hybrid Optics®, BEGA Vortex Optics® and BEGA Constant Optics® are our proprietary technologies, which we use for the development of highly durable, wear-free optical systems of the highest lighting quality. Luminaires with these optical systems feature a higher efficiency of light deflection compared to conventional light deflection methods in which much of the light emanates from the luminaire without deflection.

BEGA Hybrid Optics®

BEGA Hybrid Optics® offers complete lighting control, thanks to optimum refraction and reflection. Precisely calculated reflectors with a pure aluminium surface and ultra-clear silicone or glass lenses capture virtually every beam of light from the LED modules. The interplay between lens and reflector technology achieves maximum application efficiency.

BEGA Vortex Optics®

BEGA Vortex Optics® features specially developed twisted reflectors with a pure aluminium surface. The more intense bundling of light ensures perfect light deflection. The result is optimised light distribution without artefacts. BEGA Vortex Optics® ensures excellent visual comfort due to superior glare control. Exceptional lighting results are achieved in conjunction with the LED modules.

BEGA Constant Optics®

BEGA Constant Optics® is our highly efficient and completely wear-free optical system. Its durable materials such as glass, pure aluminium and silicone show no effects of aging even under extreme conditions such as high temperatures and UV radiation.

BEGA Ultradark Optics®

We have developed a new optical system especially for situations that demand technical luminaires with as low a diffuse light percentage as possible. BEGA Ultradark Optics® features a combination of internal louvres and an ultra black nano coating inside the luminaire to minimise the diffuse light percentage of the luminaires and ensures highly efficient, glare-free eye comfort.