Safety-related lighting

Solutions for escape route illumination

BEGA adapts luminaire planning to specific project requirements

Escape routes are equipped with safety lighting to protect users. The ability to use these routes without risk is ensured even in the event of a general lighting failure BEGA modifies luminaires for escape routes to precisely fit customer requirements and outfits them with all the necessary components (monitoring modules, power supply). During the planning phase, specific requirements are noted to ensure standard-compliance in the design of e.g. escape route illumination. The planning of indoor and outdoor escape routes right down to designated meeting points forms the basis for the entire lighting design.

On-site conditions and the technical infrastructure of the facility dictate the questions to be answered ahead of a successful project implementation:

  • What are the physical/spatial conditions – ceiling height, room size, stairs?
  • What are the reflective properties of the walls and floors in the immediate vicinity?
  • Are there potential obstacles along escape and rescue routes to be considered in planning?
  • Is a central power backup system available to supply the system?
  • Are single batteries required for the emergency lighting luminaires?
  • How should the lighting system be controlled?

Based on these details, we work together with the client to select suitable luminaires for the individual emergency lighting system depending on economic factors and modify them if necessary according to the individual needs. The strictest quality tests ensure safety. Over-dimensioning of the luminaires and their (emergency) output is prevented in order to optimize the capacity, load and thereby the service life of the batteries while fulfilling standards and preventing glare.

Safety-related lighting

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