Indoor Luminaire Catalogue 64

Room for even more inspiration

The new BEGA indoor luminaire catalogue 64 offers a wide range of inspiration. In addition to product illustrations, numerous application examples present the unmistakable design and the special lighting effects of BEGA indoor luminaires.

The current complete range for interiors offers solutions for almost all lighting requirements. Numerous innovations in the 268-page catalogue make it a platform for the BEGA departments responsible for the development of indoor luminaires and the new products created there.

Pebbles by the sea provided the inspiration for a new interpretation of the BEGA Lichtbaustein® light brick. The soft, flowing and random-looking shapes of the wall luminaires allow for creative arrangements. Ever-changing lighting scenarios can be achieved with these “illuminating pebbles” thanks to the luminaire glass which rotates freely on the fittings.

We have added to the successful STUDIO LINE once again. In keeping with the motto “luminaire and lighting object in one”, there is almost limitless scope for design with many different luminaires that create a special effect even when unlit.

Long and slender luminaires provide an impressive range of options for the entire planning process. The new pendant and wall luminaires with exceptional room-defining designs distribute the light softly and evenly both upwards and downwards through a light-diffusing silicone diffuser embedded in the luminaire profile – for perfect illumination.

Luminaires with Zoom optics allow infinitely variable adjustment of the half beam angle for exact matching to the respective lighting requirements.