Electrical safety

The ENEC symbol (European Norms Electrical Certification) is a European test and certification symbol for luminaires and electrical components in luminaires. The number 10 with or without the VDE symbol signifies that the test/certification symbol was issued by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.

Luminaires bearing this symbol are, due to their limited surface temperatures, suitable for business premises where dust or fibrous material present a fire hazard (VDE 0711 Part 2-24).

Surface-mounted luminaires with this symbol are not suitable for direct installation on normally flammable building materials.

Recessed luminaires with this symbol are not suitable for direct installation in normally flammable building materials.

Luminaires and power supply units bearing this symbol must not be in direct contact with thermal insulating materials.

The symbol ta = ... °C in accordance with DIN EN 60 598 / VDE 0711 indicates the permissible ambient temperature at which a luminaire may be operated. Our luminaires are generally designed for an ambient temperature of ta = 25 °C, i.e. for indoor use.

The CE symbol is affixed at the manufacturer’s responsibility and is not a safety symbol. The manufacturer uses it to document conformity with European Union directives.

The number alongside the CE symbol indicates that an inspection and certification body checks compliance with the guidelines.