Belysning av bostadsområden

Light along paths and passages

Orientation and safety for residents and guests

A wide range of luminaires with different light distributions allows tailor-made solutions in passageways, covered areas and pathways close to living areas. Light arranged in rows provides general or ambient lighting. It guides individuals to the entrances and other functional areas.

Residential complex, Saint Ouen
Uniformly soft illumination

Soft light is the preferred choice to avoid harsh shadows at transitions or steps. It aids orientation with its high level of visual comfort. Possible trip hazards or obstacles are easily identified. Unshielded light is the preferred choice for uniform illumination in such areas. In passageways and covered areas, glare-free light from above meets all requirements. It prevents dark zones along thoroughfares and comfortably illuminates pathways.

Light in walls and masonry

Recessed wall luminaires are a great solution for the illumination of walls and façades. The use of light-dark intervals draws the eye and creates a fascinating effect.

Distribute light intelligently

The right choice of light distribution in close proximity to the complex itself is essential. Ensuring the visual comfort of passers-by, as well as sufficient illumination with simultaneous shielding of the window areas must be taken into account in the initial concept.

Vary the mounting heights

The choice of different mounting heights can provide structure and comfort. The visual variety captures the attention of the observer. Good illumination with the simultaneous shielding of light from sensitive areas (windows, patios, balconies) should be part of the planning.

Tersteegen-Haus, Düsseldorf

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