Belysning av bostadsområden

Light in the staircase

Successful planning and implementation

Cleverly used space – the functionality of the interior begins at the entrance. The area should be functional yet impressive to residents and guests.

Options for a user-oriented light control concept in the stairwell

  • The user indicates the need for illumination by touching the pushbutton: The light control system tracks the user via sensors and only switches on light where the user is. A basic level of illumination is available at all times
  • Automatic light activation as soon as the user enters the staircase: Only floors in use are illuminated. A basic level of illumination is available at all times
  • Lighting at the push of a button: A timer limits the use of light in the staircase

Uniform illumination

The light in the entrance area and in the staircase provides uniform illumination and also sets somewhat brighter accents at letterboxes, staircases and at landings to apartment doors or corridors.

Light’s purpose of showcasing the beauty and necessity of the architecture can be fulfilled in a variety of ways. The basic concept should not necessarily entail choosing just one type of luminaire. The broad BEGA portfolio offers a multitude of options for harmoniously showcasing architectural features and complying with safety requirements with different types of luminaires.

Large luminaires: Special decorative effect

Luminaires with large dimensions create a special effect. They uniformly distribute soft, unshielded light. The luminaires are decorative points of orientation and provide safe illumination.

The use of unshielded pendant luminaires is recommended in stairwells with uniformly high ceiling elevations. While their light will in most cases suffice for the complete illumination of the stairwell space, they are often complemented with additional light sources on stair landings or walls.

Versatile ceiling luminaires

Ceiling luminaires are also versatile light sources for these areas. They can be used as the sole source of illumination and provide pleasant, uniform light.

Interplay of the luminaires

In conjunction with other light sources, however, ceiling luminaires can also be used as additional support lighting. Their light is directed directly onto the usable surface without glare.