Pedestrian walkway/cycle path

Pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the walkways or cycle paths, must be easy to detect visually. Good visibility of faces conveys a feeling of safety. The degree of illuminance for paths used by cyclists and pedestrians must comply with the standard DIN EN 13201-2, illumination class P4. A minimum of 1 lx is required. The average degree of illuminance is 5 lx.

Pole-top luminaires with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution are used for illumination purposes. The mounting height is 5 m. The luminaire spacing is 30 m.

Lighting calculations Summary DIALux project

In the picture, the light distribution curve has been transferred to the representation of the pedestrian walkway/cycle path from a bird’s eye view. The darkest place on the path between the luminaires has a degree of illuminance of 1 lx. The transition from the lightest point directly in front of the luminaire (15 lx) to the darkest place is very gentle and is felt to be pleasant.