Produkt och kvalitet

Vi tillverkar våra produkter uteslutande själva. Vi definierar och kontrollerar standarderna för alla komponenter och vidareutvecklar dem konsekvent varje dag - till nytta för våra partners och kunder. Vår självbild är din fördel: Vi använder endast komponenter, tekniker och bearbetningsmetoder som är tillgängliga enligt det senaste utvecklingsstadiet. Detta är en integrerad del av vår kvalitetsidé, som säkerställer våra produkters hållbarhet under många år.



Med gobostrålkastare (Graphical Optical BlackOut) går det att skapa uppmärksamhet vid särskilda tillfällen. Det går att projicera logotyper, bilder eller texter för meddelanden och optiska effekter utöver det vanliga. Det gäller både permanent projicering av reklambudskap eller logotyper och temporära och effektfulla framföranden. De informerar, iscensätter och visar vägen som kompletterande komponenter på området strålkastarbelysning.

BEGA track spotlights

On-site requirements or precisely defined presentation specifications require a great deal of flexibility in lighting design. The powerful BEGA track spotlights with a wide and varied range of light output and light distributions are the ideal solution for this kind of design.

BEGA chandeliers

BEGA luminaires with the latest technology give grand halls and rooms a unique shine.

New BEGA connection boxes with WAGO terminals

Electrical connection of bollards and pole-top luminaires – faster than ever: The BEGA connection box with WAGO compact connection terminals is the perfect solution for convenient commissioning of outdoor luminaires with a conductor cross-section of up to 6 mm². To achieve this, BEGA and WAGO have entered into an extremely efficient and closely coordinated alliance.

Lighting technology

Our LED technology

BEGA luminaires contain LED modules from our proprietary manufacture that match each luminaire to perfection. We consistently follow our own quality expectations in the selection and processing of our LED components – which significantly surpass typical market criteria.


Premium-quality components, optimal thermal component protection and constructive measures to ensure favourable temperature conditions are the key concepts on which our comprehensive thermo-management is based. The protective devices work in tandem with each other to significantly increase the service life of the electronic components in our luminaires.


Reliability, product safety and exceptional durability characterise our BEGA luminaires. In the event that a component needs to be replaced at the end of its service life, we ensure the availability of replacement parts up to 20 years after the luminaire was purchased.

Optical systems

Complete lighting control, perfect light deflection and the use of only extremely durable materials are the basic ingredients with which we develop our optical systems. Not a single ray of light is lost, meaning any potential light pollution is avoided.


Metals and finishes

We take extra care in the development and manufacture of our luminaires – which also includes optimum protection of the metals and finishes we use. Corrosion resistance, weatherproofing and lightfastness: our technologies fulfil the highest requirements.

Glass production

Our glassworks is a manufacture where craftsmanship is very much the main focus. Our personnel is and always will be at the core of our glass production and glass finishing, as these people are indispensable for the control of the complex work processes and the mindfulness regarding the sensitivity of the material that is glass.

About wood and its maintenance

Wood is durable and lastingly attractive. It is a vibrant, emotional material that conveys comfort, warmth and an affinity with nature. At the same time, wood boasts a high degree of durability.

With the material from our affiliate AUBRILAM, who has decades of expertise in outdoor wood applications, we bring the numerous advantages of wood to bear.