BEGA Plug & Play

The smart lighting system for the private garden

Smart Tower & Smart Extender

The basis of BEGA Plug & Play is the Smart Tower. It is the intelligent control centre of the system and at the same time provides the necessary operating voltage of 48 V. Up to four luminaires can be connected to the Smart Tower via the secure plug connectors. Smart Extenders add connection options to the system for additional luminaires. The flexible cables can simply be laid above ground between the plants – there is no need for any elaborate and expensive installation of underground cables. Changes and extensions are thus possible very quickly and at any time.

Planning a BEGA Plug & Play system

The Smart Tower acts as the intelligent control centre of the system, ensuring a safe operating voltage of 48 V. The Smart Tower is optionally available with either a 5 m connection cable and mains plug for operation at a 230 V socket or with free cable ends and no mains plug. In this case, we recommend the use of a BEGA distribution box for the electrical connection.

Luminaires as well as one or more Smart Extenders can be connected to the four plug contacts of the Smart Tower. Smart Extenders also feature four plug contacts that add further connection options to the system.

The maximum connected wattage of all luminaires connected to a Smart Tower is 50 watts. If additional luminaires are to be connected, the system can be extended any time with an additional Smart Tower.