Fire House, Tuttlingen

Newly built fire equipment depot on Stockach Strasse

Tuttlingen, a town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, built a new fire station on a site of around 9,800 square metres. The steel-reinforced concrete structure was finished off with long-lasting, age-resistant clinker brick facing.

16 vehicle boxes were planned. Other features included a servicing and washing area, and at the rear of the complex a workshop, a storehouse, and changing rooms and toilets for the fire fighters. A 14 metre high hose tower for drying the hoses after use rounded off the project. Large asphalt and paved areas predominate outside.

Thanks to their large performance spectrum, BEGA LED wall luminaires with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution perform the lighting tasks around the station.

BEGA LED pole-top luminaires with asymmetrical flat beam light distribution increase safety along the access routes. They are mounted on conical steel luminaire poles without visible welding seams.

BEGA high-performance floodlights with symmetrical wide beam light distribution underline the modernity of the buildings. They also highlight the hose tower.

BEGA recessed ceiling downlights feature soft, wide beam light distribution for a high degree of visual comfort. They add brilliance to the entrance area to the fire station.

Client City of Tuttlingen

Architecture Georg.Scheel.Wetzel Berlin

Lighting and electrical planning G-TEC Ingenieure Wenden-Rothemühle

Electrical installation intega-Tec Gebäudetechnik GmbH, Nicolaus-Otto-Strasse 4, 89079 Ulm

Outdoor facilities J. Friedrich Storz Verkehrswegebau Eigeltingen