Foto: Jens Goerlich

Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Frankfurt International Airport

Lufthansa Senator Lounge

Lufthansa’s Senator Lounge concept features a pleasant ambiance, plenty of room and luxurious furniture elements. Frankfurt Airport now has this waiting area, equipped with these classical luminaires.

The waiting areas offer business travellers and holidaymakers an important relaxation area, which requires harmonious but at the same time functional illumination. The top quality glass cylinders of the table lamps provide uniform light distribution for reading and relaxing.

Arranged in pairs, these luminaires are customised for fixed installation. In the standard version, the glass cylinder is mounted on a high-quality stainless steel base. Three different sizes and various light sources make them attractive lighting elements.

Client Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt a. M. Architects JSK Dipl. Ing Architekten, Frankfurt a. M. Designers Hollin + Radoske, Frankfurt a. M. Electrical installation JSK Dipl. Ing Architekten, Frankfurt a. M. Photos Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Köln - Jens Görlich

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