Mandal Cultural Center, Norway

The “Buen Kulturhus” joins the town together

Mandal, the most southerly town in Norway, is characterised by the Mandalselva river. The town is divided by the Mandalselva into two areas, with numerous tributaries forming a beautiful coastal landscape full of woods and small islands. The Norwegian town is characterised by narrow alleys and white wooden buildings, some of them listed as historical monuments. The bright town profile is also reflected in the newly built “Buen Kulturhus”. The cultural centre rises out of the ground alongside the river, its curved shape merging with the landscape. With a newly constructed foot bridge, the building forms a direct link between the two halves of the town and acts as a new point of encounter for both. Opened in 2014, the building includes not only a library and a cinema but also some beautifully arranged spaces in the outdoor area. BEGA bollards and light building elements with symmetrical light distribution are used to illuminate the wide footpaths and a flight of steps to the river. The luminaires have a round cross-section and wide beam light distribution on four sides. Safety glass visible in its entire material thickness increases the amount of vertical illuminance through the light emission to the side.

The light building elements act as luminous design elements that impressively highlight the new cultural centre. In the outdoor area, they illuminate the paths while highlighting the architectural structures of the building.

Client Halse Eiendom AS

Architecture 3XN

Photographer Jon Erik Andersen – Fogra Reklamefoto, Sandefjord, Norway