Neuhaus Castle, Paderborn

Stables with a living history

The history of the stables at the Schloss Neuhaus castle in Paderborn, eastern Westphalia is a rich story full of life and transformation. Nowadays, this magnificent baroque structure, one of a kind in the region, is home to a museum of art and natural history. The building exterior is illuminated by BEGA luminaires.

Prince bishop Clemens August von Bayern governed the Hochstift Paderborn region from 1719 to 1761. After a reign of ten years, he decided to extensively renovate the Neuhaus castle in the baroque style that prevailed at the time. The stables initially housing more than 100 horses on the ground flour were the result of approximately four years of construction under the direction of court and state architect Franz Christoph Nagel. Other sections of the building served as cart sheds or as a residence for the architect Nagel. Over the following centuries, an eclectic range of users passed through the stables: the Prussian cavalry from 1820 to 1945, the British military from 1945 to 1990, followed by the city of Paderborn, secondary schools, adult education centres, restaurant owners, and now museum visitors.

BEGA pole-top luminaires with symmetrical light distribution are placed in the majestic forecourt of the stables, efficiently and stylishly illuminating the welcoming area and marking off a boundary with the lawn. Directly in front of the base of the building, drive-over BEGA in-ground luminaires with adjustable light distribution are installed in the ground to illuminate and accent the façade at specific points. The luminaire housings are made entirely of stainless steel and are extremely dust-tight and waterproof thanks to their protection class: a triumphant combination of aesthetics and functionality.

One visual highlight of the stables is the central pediment above the entrance gate. This is illuminated by a BEGA compact floodlight with very narrow beam light distribution. In this way, BEGA light highlights the effect of the pediment in particular and of the stables as a whole.