New central branch of Volksbank Krefeld, Germany

Hall with glazed roof as a “market-place”

Volksbank Krefeld invested 27 million Euros in the building of its new main branch in the city centre of Krefeld between the popular Von-der-Leyen-Platz square and the Dionysius-Kirchplatz church square. In the middle of the building is a hall with a glazed roof along the lines of a “market-place”. With its structure-high opening towards the neighbouring Church of St. Dionysius, the bank building leaves the dominant role to the church building, which together with the square of the same name characterises the city centre.

A diagonal walkway through the hall links the church square to the Von-der-Leyen-Platz square. The building with an area of 13,500 square metres has a punctuated façade with a protruding glass level that creates a bright effect on the outside. Another eye-catcher is a projecting pitched roof.

BEGA LED surface floodlights with wide beam light distribution assist the friendly bright concept of the new building in the upper storeys of the building and also illuminate the optically prominent roof. With highly efficient LED modules and reflectors, this floodlight series sets new standards with regard to cost-effectiveness, compactness and efficiency.

Drive-over LED in-ground luminaires provide illumination throughout the ground-floor of the building. Floodlights with symmetrical light distribution enable effective lighting of the building. The luminaires are mounted in a recessed housing on a foundation that absorbs the pressure loads. Cover frames and luminaire housings are made of stainless steel, the installation housing is made of aluminium.

Client Volksbank Krefeld eG Architect Gerber Architekten Dortmund