Private house B, Essen-Bredeney

Perfectly coordinated BEGA outdoor and indoor lighting in a timeless urban component

The Brucker-Holt quarter in Essen’s Bredeney district features quiet, flat villa structures on vast plots of land. That is the backdrop for this particular villa, a “manifesto against the much too extensive arbitrariness of today’s villa architecture”, as the architectural firm Alexander Brenner put it.

The harmonious lighting planning with BEGA indoor and outdoor luminaires underlines the coalescence of living space and garden and highlights the important role of the garden area as an additional space for retreat in a private environment.

The large, prostrate construction mirrors the restraint of earlier architecture in the quarter dating back to the 1960s. According to the architects, the result is “a sedate and timeless urban component”.

Stainless steel LED wall luminaires illuminate the welcoming entrance area. These are compact, unshielded BEGA luminaires with hand-blown, three-ply opal glass. Additional LED recessed wall luminaires are installed as guiding lights.

LED in-ground luminaires with adjustable light distribution underline the beauty of the architecture and highlight the sculptures along the façade. The BEGA mounting system allows fast, secure and accurately positioned installation of the luminaires.

The ground floor of the villa, with kitchen, dining area and a generously proportioned living room, has an impressive ceiling height of four metres. Recessed ceiling luminaires set in rows, featuring hand-blown, three-ply opal glass, create a unified lighting ambiance across all three merged areas.

The generously proportioned table in the dining area is lit by dimmable LED pendant luminaires with thick-walled crystal glass and a die-cast luminaire housing for excellent visual comfort.

Pleasant and even light distribution from unshielded floor lamps round off the inviting ambiance in the living room. These luminaires feature high material quality and luxurious exteriors.

The living area connects to the private wing via a hall – the parents’ living space is a half floor above and the children’s rooms a half floor below the common living area. The staircase is lit by wall luminaires with opal glass and partly shielded light sources, creating a truly memorable illumination.

LED large-area luminaires for particularly even lighting are used in the bathroom and underline the creative architecture of the sanitary and wellness area.

At their inner angle, each of the living areas open up towards the garden which is bisected by an elongated patio area. The patio is additionally accented with small, drive-over LED in-ground luminaires, which act as guidance and orientation luminaires. A simple, cubic garden pavilion marks the end point of the patio and creates a visual vertex for the outdoor area.

The beauty of the front garden and opulent main garden with its beautiful vegetation is underlined by a variety of BEGA products. Drive-over LED in-ground luminaires with symmetrical and asymmetrical light distribution are dotted around green areas and various flower beds.

Portable on-ground floodlights with symmetrical light distribution are quickly adjusted to new requirements at any time, e.g. for times of changing plant growth. The portable LED garden luminaire with earth spike is another highly adaptable lighting tool. The adjustable luminaire head is just one of its great features, as is its steplessly adjustable height. BEGA connecting pillars supply the power in the garden with three safety sockets each.

Another highlight of the villa is the fusion of architecture as an art form and high-tech lighting in the basement. RGB light strips developed by BEGA and exhaustively model-tested, create a varied and playful lighting ambiance. The prevalent light colour can easily be changed depending on the time of year, flower season, plant growth or creativity of the home owner. The perfect combination of architecture, light and art.

Architecture/Planning Alexander Brenner Architects, Stuttgart Construction Karl Köhler Besigheim Construction Company Photography Zooey Braun, Stuttgart