Sandgruben sports facility, Pratteln

Showing a sports facility in its best light – the Sandgruben sports complex in Pratteln

The prestigious architectural property of the municipality of Pratteln near Basel can be found just a stone’s throw from the Rhine and within sight of the German-Swiss border. Sandgruben: a sports facility that is setting new standards in terms of both sports and aesthetics. A building project explicitly requested by the public – illuminated and enhanced by BEGA luminaires.

In a referendum held in 2015, the public decided it was time to renovate the Sandgruben sports facility. The task fell to Basel architect Urs Gramelsbacher, who created an imposing, 85-metre long infrastructure building that stands out from ordinary sports facilities thanks to its style and sustainable construction. And the extraordinarily high-quality and accentuated lighting of the modern premises, of course. Changing rooms for athletes and referees, offices, training rooms, equipment rooms and massage rooms – all ideally illuminated by BEGA luminaires.

The zones through which the sports enthusiasts move presented a particular challenge. LED compact downlights with BEGA Hybrid Optics® were used in the external ceilings, where their compact design provides first-class, wide beam illumination for purposes of orientation. They make use of the advantages of both lens and reflector technology. In the corridors, powerful and efficient LED ceiling and wall luminaires were chosen that do justice to the purist architectural language of the complex. Hand-blown masterpieces which, with their thick-walled crystal glass, are tough enough to withstand a blow from a ball, for example. Compact and economical LED wall washers were used in the sanitary areas to stylishly distribute light up and down the walls.

BEGA lighting easily fulfils the ambitious requirement of being both functional and enhancing the aesthetics of the Sandgruben sports facility project.

Client Municipality of Pratteln, Pratteln Responsible for the project Samuel Mattmüller, Neuco AG, Zurich Architecture Urs Gramelsbacher Architektur GmbH, Basel Lighting concept Neuco AG, Zurich Photography Architekturfotografie Gempeler, Bern